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What is an educational Farm?

Educational farms are farms which receive visitors for educational purposes, where they learn one or more specific aspects of its business operations, about the rural and natural environment around the farm and about issues regarding food, culture and the rural tradition. Educational farms, especially with their relationship with schools, have become an important tool for projects involving the environment, bringing together a system of values and educational disciplines (knowledge and skills).


A concept of Educational households is a success story from Italian rural area (http://www.fattoriedidattiche.net/).

The European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA) carried out a survey among children in Europe in the age group between six and eleven which revealed that children have mistaken factual beliefs about the food they consume. They are influenced by advertising and their lack of food-related experience into having difficulty in associating original products with their final form after processing. For example, 50% of European children do not know where sugar comes from; three quarters do not know where cotton comes from, a quarter believing that it grows on sheep.

By creating this new educational-tourist offer children can learn at first-hand, understand the origin and use of farming products and, not least, learn more about nutrition. The farm is also a meeting place, where farmers exchange their views with children, teachers, adults, etc. Each farm is unique as it witnesses local agricultural and land diversity, promotes local products and, most of all, raise awareness of the role of farmers. Farmers, on the other hand, play a crucial role as they pass on their knowledge and passion for this work.

The Educational households represent the link between city and country and an educational element facing toward the introduction of the products we eat and the work necessary to produce those products. Their purpose is to establish a stable relationship between the household owner and its territory as well as to provide an additional income to household owners and to increase their role, as they have an opportunity to promote their local products and services, and to develop them trough adding value.

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