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Becoming an educational household

Establishment of educational households

An agriculturer, on the basis of his work, acquires the main source of income of educational household. He can dedicate some time to the hosting of school excursion, families and other interested parties. An agriculturer will present to all visitors of the educational household, the origin of food, process of food production, he will also discover how various agricultural products (cheese, kaymak, honey, smoked meat) are being produced, where and how animals live on a farm, how to plant and cultivate fruit and vegetables. By enriching the activities, on the one hand, the agriculturer can gain an additional income which can be invested in the household development. On the other hand, by promotion, value will be added to the traditional local products.

Your household must provide:

  • Direct contact between producers and consumers where the product life cycle "from the field to the table" will be presented;
  • Emphasis should be given to the ecological and organic agriculture, which provides a health and high quality products and therefore economic development, in accordance with the environment;
  • Warm and cozy rooms, where visitors will feel comfortable;
  • Household must be properly equipped for the educational activities and must have at least one bathroom for visitors;
  • Educational household must be safe and must meet certain sanitary and safety standards;
  • Educational household must offer different training pathways, according to the type and the age of visitors and must refer to some of the themes of ecology, food, flora and fauna, local flavors and scents. This is certainly one of the most important conditions and its importance can easily be seen through a proverb:

If I listen, I forget.

If I see, I recall.

If I do, I learn.


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