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Educational households in Serbia

srb1The educational households arise when a successful households decide to introduce innovations in their daily activities and open its doors for curious children and visitors of all ages, by offering different programs, based precisely on their daily activities.

Successfully managed households already exist in South Banat, which follow tendencies of EU rural development and respect standards in terms of:

  • Environmental protection
  • Optimal exploitation of natural resources
  • Nurturing of tradition (traditional food, crafts and customs)
  • Valorization of local products
  • Rural tourism potentials

Each of these households can become the educational household. Innovative activities, educational programs and goodwill – that will do the job.

srb2At the end of June 2012 five households will be opened in South Banat. By the new educational-tourist offer, which will be developed by the households’ establishment, the territory of Banat will become unique in Serbia and wider region. In that way a great success in terms of finance, education and development will be provided.

Educational households will be developed firstly in the South Banat. Development of households is expected in other parts of the Banat in a few years, and later also network of educational households throughout whole Serbia.

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