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For families

porodiceEducational farms are real agricultural holdings whose main features are their own products and the hard work of farmers.

Some of the farm’s time and premises are devoted to welcoming children and adults and to offer them a chance to discover the local environment and production. Special attention is required in highlighting various cultural aspects, promoting environmental awareness by letting children experience at first hand and by fostering the relationship between producers and consumers. Educational farms are the ideal place to learn more about agriculture, environment, economy, culture and local traditions.

Образовне фарме су идеално место да се научи више о пољопривреди, околини, економији, култури и локалним традицијама.

The farm as…

A place where producer and consumer can meet

Farmers are those who welcome, educate and train consumers on:

  • products' cycle of life (from farm to table)
  • products' seasons
  • animal's care
  • local environment
  • local traditions and culture.
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