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For schools

Educational farms offer a unique opportunity to learn more about the environment, its culture and products and they do so by letting you experience with your hands their activity. Farms offer different tools to raise awareness of various environmental aspects: social, economical, technical, political and cultural ones.

Educational farms perfectly match local cultural policies with innovative educational activities carried out at school.

In the Educational households pupils as well as adult visitors can:

skoleDISCOVER (the origin of foods and their history, the path of food from household to table, the environmentally friendly production methods: organic farming, integrated agriculture, how milk is produced as well as cheese, fruit, honey, how do animals live on the farm).

LEARN (making bread, cheese, wine, jams, care for the animals, tasting fruits, vegetables and fresh milk cooking with the products collected).

HAVE A FUN (walk and play in nature, find herbs, trees, wild animals, hear sounds and quiet of the countryside, playing, laugh, enjoy experience the season, run, relax).

Educational farms are the perfect place where kids can learn, experience and improve their "knowledge" of the environment. Activities organized at the farm allow children to learn at different levels, combining different educational goals.

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