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Leader services

lbkCitizens' Association "Leader + Banatski Karlovac" strive to promote sustainable development in Banat through:

  • Optimal use of natural and cultural resources, their preservation and value adding;
  • Improving the quality of life in rural areas;
  • Adding value to local products and services;
  • Implementation of new knowledge, skills and technologies in order to increase the competitiveness of products and services in rural areas.

The project „Banat Educational households", funded by the EU, unites all these goals. The household, which decided to introduce innovations in its daily activities and to open the doors to curious visitors of all ages, can become an educational household, and therefore can earn a profit and hire all family members.

Citizens' Association "Leader + Banatski Karlovac" offers the following services:

  1. Presentation of the concept of educational households and requirements to be met by the household, in order to become an educational household;
  2. Workshops with the following topics: Project proposal development; Quality policy carta creation and adoption; Adding value to local products;
  3. Tips for the promotion of your household;
  4. Support to find partners in Serbia and abroad.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us. We could be a successful team together.

Yours truly,

"Leader + Banatski Karlovac"

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