Description of the action

Background to the preparation of the action.

The current situation in Serbian rural development (RD) is at a critical stage. Lack of human resources, communication and intersectoral cooperation on all administrative levels in charge for EU integration of Serbian RD sector, is preventing rural Serbia from using IPA RD funds, at all.

Key stakeholder groups

Key stakeholder groups, their attitudes towards the action and consultations held with them

MAFWM agreed that they need inputs and support from CSOs for IPA II. SEIO pointed out the lack of in-house experts in the sector. Office for Cooperation with Civil Society said on the Workshop that this initiative is "verbalizing their idea of CSOs role in RD". Attaché for RD expressed DEU's support to the Leader Initiative Serbia during the consultation phase. SWG strongly supports the project.

Relevance of the action

Relevance to the objectives/sectors/themes/specific priorities of the call for proposals

Describe the relevance of the action to the objective(s) and priority(ies) of the call for proposals.

This project is relevant to the global objective of the Call, by contributing to democracy, decentralization and social inclusion through more effective civic participation in rural development policy formulation, decision-making processes and practices related to rural development public funds.


Objectives of the action

Public administration needs serious, and continuous support in national RD policy preparation and implementation, and even more in negotiation and accreditation processes for IPA RD measures.

SECO for RD should take more active role, instead of being partly consulted or informed. With active and institutionalized role of CSOs, rural policy programming and Measures accreditation will be transparent, the process will be far more efficient and rural inhabitants (the real final beneficiary of RD policy) will get improved service and availability of funds for rural development.


Type of activities proposed, related outputs and results, including a description of linkages/relationships between activity clusters

WP1 results in impact oriented activities with performance measurement, promotion and visibility. Action will be promoted by documentary film, TV reportages, web site, printed/electronic material.

WP2 Support, collaboration and monitoring of public administration in the critical phases of IPA RD II programming, through consultation meetings, round tables, web site online activities, and documents analysis, will result in national Leader-like measure launched in 2014, IPA RD Programme of Serbia 2014-2020 adopted by 2014 and improved intersectoral cooperation between IPA RD II bodies in charge.

Target Groups

Target Groups are CSOs and key stakeholders of IPA RD II programming and measures accreditation:

  1. CSOs in rural development from Serbia (30 most active with proven impact in their territory) and potential Local Action Groups (20 LAGs which gained status in 2012 within EU funded project "Leader In Serbia")
  2. The SECO Agriculture and Rural Development, which should establish communication with the Ministry, and distribute conclusions to NGOs, local self-governments, expert and advisory.
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