To ensure that the leading ideas for socio-economic change in rural areas are fully developed and sustained, we have adopted an approach that offers critical interventions on three levels - the organisation, the group, and the sector.

1. Supporting LAGs

LAGs are the engines of socio-economic change in rural areas and role models for the rural population. Leader Plus identifies and invests in leading rural changemakers and helps them achieve maximum social and economic impact.

2. Promoting Rural Networking

Groups and networks of LAGs working together accelerate and spread social and economic impact of LEADER and VP approach. Leader Plus engages communities of rural changemakers and develops patterns of effective collaborations that change entire rural development fields in Serbia.

3. Building Infrastructure for the Sector

A national network of rural changemakers - LAGs - requires tools and support systems to deliver sustainable socio-economic solutions in rural areas. Leader Plus creates needed infrastructure and frameworks for partnerships that deliver social and economic value, such as:

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