About Us

Leader Plus is an open network of LEADER approach changemakers, rural social innovators and entrepreneurs from Serbia and EU, putting their system changing ideas for the rural areas into practice on the national, regional and EU scale. It collaborates with 20+ Local Action Groups (LAGs) involving 605+ stakeholders from 200+ rural settlements of 60+ rural municipalities, covering 15%+ of territory of the Republic of Serbia. 

Founded in 2008, Leader Plus provides start-up financing, professional support services, connections to networks across the rural communities and social sectors, and a platform for people dedicated to changing the rural areas of Serbia for better. Leader Plus launches the field of Venture Philanthropy (VP) support in Serbia, activating multi-sector partners across the Europe who increasingly look to support changemaking talents and new ideas to solve rural social problems. Local Action Groups (LAG) remain the core of our community, and their insights show us how the rural areas are moving and what is needed next. 

Inspired and guided by Ashoka, our mission has evolved beyond catalyzing individual rural organisations and entrepreneurs to enabling "Everyone A ChangemakerTM" rural communities of Serbia. This means equipping more rural people – including young people - with the skillset and a connection to purpose. That way, they can contribute ideas and effectively solve problems at whatever scale is needed in their family, community, city, workplace, field, industry, country. This evolution comes from the urgent realization that the pace of change is accelerating in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Our strategic initiatives focus on setting in motion rural people, resources and ecosystems that will bring about a social revolution where everyone contributes to change for the good of all.

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